Subject: Re: Eisa_machdep.c?
To: D. Jay Newman <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/02/1994 01:48:10
> I am trying to build my system for the first time post 1.0, and the
> make is complaining about a missing file "eisa_machdep.c". I have a
> memory of this file being mentioned in this list before, but I forgot
> to save the specific notes.
> Where can I find this file? I tried to remove it from the makefile,
> hoping that it was superfluous, but no such luck.

OK, time for a mini Snapshot report - I've just come back from
vacation and am struggling through 2000+ pieces of e-mail, so I'm a
bit punch drunk at the moment...

I've got a base 1.0/i386 system, and I took the Nov 21 tar_files from - they're all fine. I've laid out the steps below:

1. Take your old kernel config file, and carefully throw it away.
Use the GENERIC file to find out what options you can use now, and
use BOAT_ANCHOR or TRINITY as a sanity check. Edit out eisa support
for just now (if you can - i.e. you're not running an eisa system),
and I commented out pci as well, as I'm not using that.

2. Install the new includes.

3. Build

4. Use to configure kernel.

5. Fetch newer versions of wd.c and wdreg.h from -
or retrieve the sd changes, I suppose, although I haven't tried that,
as I haven't got round to upgrading my SCSI-based system yet.
(The 1.108 version of wd.c in the tar_files wouldn't work for me,
it gave me a panic when it tried to configure the swap space. 1.119
worked fine - as long as you get 1.11 of wdreg.h at the same time).

6. make depend && make, cp kernel, reboot off new kernel, etc

Worked for me. YMMV.

And finally, although I haven't said it before, a very big thank you
from me to the core team, and to everyone who contributed to 1.0.  I'm
constantly amazed at the work that's put in by you guys.  1.0 is just
superb, and I promise to buy you a beer sometime.

Alistair G. Crooks (			   +44 125 234 6377
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