Subject: Re: NetBSD /dev/audio
To: George Michaelson <>
From: VaX#n8 <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/01/1994 23:52:20
I posted on comp.os.linux.something and comp.os.386bsd.{misc,questions} re:
making a new sound driver for NetBSD.  I was underwhelmed by the lack of
response.  Not a single one.
I've been trying to generate interest in it, but it seems that nobody really
cares - the fact that you can basically replace a complete recording studio
with a thousand or two in computer equipment (a few GB of HD space, sound
card, fast buses) really doesn't seem to matter to anybody in the Unix world.
And besides, your money will go to cool computer hardware, not pieces of
expensive audio equipment that may end up in your closet.

I've heard that (one of?) the linux driver(s) supports many sound cards
already, with new revs coming out quite often; the bsd_audio stuff seems
very SB-specific and -very- klugey; given the two choices, I'd start with
the former.

The MS-DOS sound stuff is very, very bad; crashes often, awful interface:
I'd love to have unix code, but to this date I've only gotten second-hand
talk about the sound drivers; does anyone have any real facts?  FTP sites?
feature comparisons? work in progress?  I'd be willing to do coding for
PAS-16 and testing kernels.

> Please also consider the Multicast! there's deployed code out there that
> expects certain behaviour of /dev/audio different to people playing .WAV
Can you rephrase that?
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