Subject: Strange problem...
To: None <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/30/1994 21:35:58
I just saw the strangest thing happen on my machine, and would like some
input on where to look for this beast....

Here's the scenario:

	I'm building the Motif demos [although this problem has *nothing* to
	do with Motif], and all of a sudden gcc dies, complaining of an 
	unbalanced #endif and unterminated #if...

	The file in question [as well as surrounding files included] are OK!
	So, I decide to copy over the header file in question just in case.
	Run the command by hand.... It now works!

	Now I'm curious, so I start playing around.

	Here's what I did and results:

		Re-install the header file from source.
		Run gcc by hand					[All OK]
		Run gcc by hand again				[Breaks]
		Re-install header file.
		Run make [which updates one other .o file
			  before the one that causes the
			  problem]				[Breaks]
		Run make file-cuaseing-problem.o		[OK!!!!]
		Run gcc by hand.				[Breaks]

	I tried flushing the buffer cache, lest something icky was getting
	stuck there, [by doing the cat /*bin/* > /dev/null thing] in between
	steps as well... Didn't seem to help.

	This *does* look similar to the strange problems caused by read/write
	errors being present in the swap partition, but last that happened, I
	got lots of kernel messages to that effect.... Nothing in the logs this

					Any clues appreciated,