Subject: Re: New FAQ going out tonight.
To: mat <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/27/1994 10:50:02
> At 7:04 PM 11/26/94, Dave Burgess wrote:
> >By the way....
> >
> >I thought I'd let everyone know that a new FAQ should be wandering out
> >of here tonight.
> how about a FTP URL for the new FAQ? PDQ?  ;-)

Since my system is only up on the net for a couple of hours at a time,
and then only three times a day, having the most recent up-to-the-minute
FAQ available is (right now) only a dream.

For those of you that want to try, my system is up from 8-10AM, 4-6PM,
and 12-2AM.  I have anonymous FTP available then; the only thing in the
FTP area is the '-current' FAQ, which will be out the subsequent 13th or

There is supposed to be a Web page going in somewhere in California.
Since the first destination of the FAQ is always there, I would think
that a host in the domain (or the NetBSD.Org domain) would
be a Good Thing (tm).

I will approach my ISP one more time about either increasing my SLIP
account limit (250 hours a month) or making the FAQ available via FTP
from here.