Subject: Re: dups again
To: Kent Vander Velden <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/26/1994 13:32:39
Kent Vander Velden writes:
 > In message <>, writ es:
 > >
 > >I once again got some and mysterious filesystem munging with 1.0A.  I
 > >see that doreallocblks is enabled once again.  I turned it off in the
 > >kernel I'm running and haven't yet had a problem.
 >   I to have had many problems associated with this doreallocblks flag.
 > Is anyone not having problems? 

I had the option enabled on a sparc and an i386. I did once have / on
the sparc die horribly, that *might* have been caused by this, but I
really don't know, it might have been a power spike or anything else.
Other than that one time, no trouble, right since the time that code
was put in the kernel.

 > One would think it would be wise to have it off by default if there
 > are any number if people having problems.  File systems are just
 > too darn important to have them toasted as often as this flags was
 > causing mine to be.

I would tend to concur, but on the other hand if it were off by
default it would never get tested and the bug would lie there waiting
to bite people for lots longer. Depends what your view of the
production status of the code is.  For the 1.0 release, it should be
off, but I have no problem with -current having it on.