Subject: Re: dups again
To: Daniel Carosone <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1994 23:49:24
>I had the option enabled on a sparc and an i386. I did once have / on
>the sparc die horribly, that *might* have been caused by this, but I
>really don't know, it might have been a power spike or anything else.
>Other than that one time, no trouble, right since the time that code
>was put in the kernel.

I had no problems for months (almost 6, actually) when others were
having problems galore.  Then I had the problem once -- and lost
countless files.  I had a backup, but since it seems to get new files
more than old ones and I don't make backups every second...

> > One would think it would be wise to have it off by default if there

>I would tend to concur, but on the other hand if it were off by
>default it would never get tested and the bug would lie there waiting
>to bite people for lots longer. Depends what your view of the
>production status of the code is.  For the 1.0 release, it should be
>off, but I have no problem with -current having it on.

I disagree.  If there is a problem and someone wishes to work on it,
then they can turn it on.  I know I cannot fix it (or at least am
fairly sure I cannot) so why should I have to disable it all the time?

Besides, it was turned off in the just-before-1.0 release of -current.
And this is a known bug -- disable doreallocblocks until it's fixed IMHO.


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