Subject: Cryix caching problem
To: None <>
From: Greg Spiegelberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1994 14:12:38
After getting advice on how to cope with my Cryix CPU I now believe
that currently, to the best of my knowledge, Cryix CPU's & NetBSD
don't mix.  So, I was wondering, what is the exact problem with
the netbsd kernel code, Cryix cache, and whatever else that may play
a factor in the current bugs?

Things I've witnessed:
1/	Irratic seg faults in programs
	Example:  /bin/csh dumps core, next boot it's okay
2/	Numerous lost inodes & corrupt files
	Example: fsck -p on bootup says to run fsck manually
		 I run fsck manually "fsck /dev/rxxyz" and everything
		 appears okay or I end up losing a dir hierarchy or
		 file system
3/	Strange boots
	Example: During device detection during bootup, the thing panics
		 and locks and/or reboots

Is there anything I can do or help with?  I don't know the exact problem
or where it collides with the kernel code so I'm unable to try to debug
this stuff (aside from locore.s).

Greg "TwoTone" Spiegelberg		      SAIC UNIX Systems Admin Dude
RidgeNet, Ridgecrest, Ca. 
	 My views are hardly reasonable or credible thus are
		contrary to others including SAICs.