Subject: Re: General amd issues (Re: I have it working now)
To: None <>
From: David S. Miller <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/24/1994 21:43:29
   Date: Thu, 24 Nov 1994 14:56:50 -0800
   From: Greg Earle <>

   "amd" already has some code to check for a "noconn" option (and "spongy" and
   "wsize" and so on and so on ... ); perhaps this could be put into the "amd" map

Again, I did not look deeply into the code for a "global config" way
of doing what I needed. I just did a quick hack.

   Anyone agree?  However, "amd" isn't "our code", so to speak.  What to do?

We can recommend to the amd developers the need to provide such
things, I am sure they would be very open eared about such things.

	   if (hasmntopt(&mnt, "spongy") != NULL) {
		   nfs_args.flags |= NFSMNT_SPONGY;
   #endif /* MNTOPT_SPONGY */

   Is that "#ifdef" supposed to be "NFSMNT_SPONGY", or "MNTOPT_SPONGY"?

I think that some spots (the MNTOPT_* ones) check for configuration
macro defines local to amd itself, and the others (NFSMNT_*) check to
see if the particular system you are compiling on has these flags
available, and if so amd uses them.

   Executive Summary: What's the Real Fix to all of this?  (Given that NetBSD
   supports NFSMNT_NOCONN and NFSMNT_RESVPORT and all ... )

One program can't do everything, but if like I stated above, we
mention a need to the developers they are sure to listen.

   (a) The code in nfs_ops.c:mount_nfs_fh() that sets the flags looks nearly 100%
       identical to the code in the SunOS automounter (auto_mount.c:nfsmount() ).
       I hope that Jan-Simon Pendry and Brent Callaghan had some sort of agreement
       going, otherwise Sun's lawyers would have a field day with this ... (-:

No, I am completely convinced that this is all his own personal
work. When two projects write code to achieve the same goal, a lot of
similar code is going to appear. Just my $0.02 :>

David S. Miller