Subject: Q: Recompiling All src tree
To: current-users mailing list <>
From: Danny Lepage <poutine@M3iSystems.QC.CA>
List: current-users
Date: 11/23/1994 10:51:17
Hi fellow NetBSDer,

is there a way to 'safely' recompile all the source tree with NetBSD ?

I figured that since I have all the src uptodate with NetBSD-1.0 (release),
I might just recompile all the src instead of getting the distribution. So,
I went into /usr/src, and 'make build'. The libs compiled just fine,
but when it began to build the binaries, make stoped because of errors
with nroff (something like nroff -> groff unknown error 3xxxxxxx). Now,
it seems that every bins not statically linked give me this error
(install is one of them). By the way, I did recompile my own kernel before
I tryed to build the user space (in case this matters).

Does somebody have an idea of what I'm doing wrong ??

Is there a safe way to update NetBSD from the source tree ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Danny Lepage