Subject: Re: gettytab
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/18/1994 11:37:23
According to Dave Leonard:
> Hi,
> I'm using a dumb terminal at the moment on this mac IIsi. My cables don't
> have a CD line, and the terminal doesn't generate one. Unless CLOCAL is
> enabled, its unusable.
> I have looked in the manuals, and even grepped the source to getty, but
> can find no way to specify clocal in gettytab, and therefore, when I boot
> a kernel that is sensitive to DCD (as older ones weren't) I can't login.

That's because the flag is named "local" and it goes at the end of the
tty line in /etc/ttys.  The flag is actually set by /sbin/ttyflags.  If
you change it, you need to rerun ttyflags.  From the ttys(5) man page:

     As flag values, the strings ``on'' and ``off'' specify that init should
     (should not) execute the command given in the second field, while ``se-
     cure'' (if ``on'' is also specified) allows users with a uid of 0 to lo-
     gin on this line.  The flags ``local'', ``rtscts'', ``mdmbuf'', and
     ``softcar'' modify the default behaviour of the terminal line, and their
     actions are driver dependent.  The ``local'' flag causes the driver to
     treat the line as if it locally connected.  The ``rtscts'' flag instructs
     the driver to use RTS/CTS hardware flow control, if possible.  The ``mdm-
     buf'' flag instructs the driver to use DTR/DCD flow control, if possible.
     The ``softcar'' flag causes the driver to ignore hardware carrier on the
     line.  These flag fields should not be quoted.

> Help! Why can't I specify clocal in a gettytab field. Even recompiling
> to change TTYDEFS to include CLOCAL doesn't help because getty zaps that.

As I said, you're looking in the wrong place...also, there are some
differences between local and softcar, the details I'm not sure of.
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