Subject: sigsetjmp (), siglongjmp ()
To: None <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/13/1994 21:58:02
	I have been trying to compile Elm 2.4, and have found a problem that 
is currently preventing me from linking.

	Specifically, the symbols _siglongjmp and _sigsetjmp are not defined.
I looked into this and found in /usr/include/setjmp.h that siglongjmp () 
and sigsetjmp () are not currently implemented.
	I have little knowledge of the system at this level, and was 
wondering a few things about this:

	setjmp.h does define placeholders, but since my problem in linking, 
is the lack of their implementation (and possibly non-existence in the 
kernel/libs) the cause of the Undefined Symbol errors?

	If they aren't implemented, why don't the man pages reflect this?

	Is there a way to work around this problem - ie had anyone managed 
to compile elm or other software requiring these functions/symbols?

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