Subject: Re: "catman" missing?
To: None <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/13/1994 02:26:29
> I thought at first that this was a mistake on my part of some sort,
> but having checked it out, it seems that "catman" is part of the
> sources in 1.0 but not part of the binary distribution for i386
> machines. (I might be wrong, but after making the observation I did a
> grep on the output of tar tf on the original binary tarfiles and found
> nothing, and having installed everything on several machines and
> having found it on none of them I'm currently inclined to believe that
> I'm not hallucinating.)

This was because 'catman' is not yet considered to be quite ready for
prime-time use.  The author has commit privileges to the source tree,
and will undoubtedly enable it when the time comes.

> Also, why does a "make install" install the manpage.0 file for
> /usr/share/man/catX but not the source file for /usr/share/man/manX?
> (Actually, I don't know that this is universally the case, but it just
> was when I did a "make; make install" for catman :-)

"because that's the way net/2 and later BSD systems do it."

Not necessarily 'correct', and diffs have been presented to me, to do it
differently.  i've not had time to look at them yet.