Subject: Re: Precompiled binaries and patches
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/12/1994 18:01:17
> - A lot of us 'current-users' have already compiled a lot of packages
>   wth the beta releases. For example, I compiled emacs, TeX, gcc-2.6.1,
>   xv, etc. And a lot of us will have done the same thing. So.. is there
>   anything settled on ftp sites for precompiled binaries? Together we could
>   set up a nice set of binaries pretty quickly, and the availability
>   of binaries will help a lot of people to get started with NetBSD.

unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited amount of disk space to
accomodate this...  I'm working on finding some more disk space for
it, but nothing's likely to come of that until at least 12/1.

> - I noticed that patches that are available to 1.0. They come in the form
>   of source patches, which is good, but: I think a lot of folks won't
>   have the sources installed, because of lack of diskspace, for example.
>   Would it be a good idea to make the fixed & recompiled binaries
>   available too (not the whole binary distribution, just the fixed
>   programs)? With kernel patches, this would mean I new version of the
>   install floppy too.

the problem with this, is that it requires time and an environment to
build the binaries.

for instance, a patch can often be obtained by coming up with a
tenative patch, shipping it off to the person having trouble, having
them compile a version and test it, and then, if it works, releasing
it as a patch.  often, _we_ don't have a machine running 1.0 handy to
compile new 1.0 binaries on.  also, it takes a lot more time to build
and QA a binary than it does to just put up a patch...