Subject: upgrading to 1.0
To: None <>
From: Thomas J. Trebisky <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/1994 17:21:29
I just finished the first part of the upgrade to NetBSD 1.0
I was previously running 1.0 Beta as of 8-1-94, but on top
of a 0.9 filesystem.  I followed the upgrade procedure in
the i386/INSTALL notes, and had two bits of grief that I
thought I would at least pass along for the consideration
of others.

1) when I got to the place in the upgrade procedure where
I had the option of converting my old filesystem, I said
to go ahead.  It converted the root, copied fsck, then
proceded to try to fsck the root filesystem, got into hot
water, and on the way down reported a Bus Error and then
recommended that I run fsck by hand and try again.

Happily the system would still boot, and after doing so,
/sbin/fsck was a file of zero length.  I restored this,
ran fsck -c 2 by hand on my two partitions (rwd0a, rwd0e),
checked these, reran the upgrade procedure, and all was
well.  Is a sync in order after copying fsck and prior to
running fsck to check the partition?

2) The notes indicated that if you were "previously using
the security distribution set", you should be sure and
install this, else you will not be able to log in.
Well, I should of known better, but not having explicitly
decided to run anything by this name, I elected not to upgrade
to the new version of this.  Indeed, I found myself unable to
login.  This apparently was just bundled into the 1.0Beta
distribution I had obtained from iastate -- no big deal,
just boot up single user and install this stuff.

All is well, now to sort out /etc and unpack the source
distribution sets.  Thanks guys!

	Tom Trebisky			Steward Observatory	University of Arizona
	(602) 621-5135			Tucson, Arizona 85721