Subject: Re: XFree3.1 under NetBSD1.0Beta
To: Ralf Paffrath <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/1994 02:26:36
> XFree3.1 under NetBSD1.0Beta:
> I've installed XFree3.1_S3-Server on my PC DX66/16Meg under NetBSD1.0Beta.
> Everything works fine, except the x-server cames up very slowly and 
> clients are very slow.
> For example xearth_92 takes more than 4 minutes!
> Something is wrong but i don't know what it is.
> Even ico is running real slow!
> and that was much faster
> even if i started four or five of them !
> Now (with 3.1), _this_ is impossible.
> Any suggestions what is going wrong?

Apologies to non-i386 people for this one...

I've got exactly the same setup as yours (DX2/66 + 16MB + S3), and I
don't see any slowup whatsoever - I've just measured 155k xstones, and
that's with a window manager and other programs running at the same
time - I'm hopeful of the 240k xstones advertised when I've optimised
things.  I do recall something in the
newsgroup about checking that directories in the fontpath really
existed, and making sure that the fontserver wasn't overworked, but
I'm getting old, and my memory plays tricks on me these days.  And
have you checked it's not networking timeouts? 

As a reference point, xearth 0.92 runs for me in 4 seconds at
startup time.

You could also try the XFree86 VGA16 server, to try and narrow the
problem area down a bit.

Failing that, there's always ktrace...

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