Subject: Help! My BSDi MHSnet binaries don't work under 1.0
To: None <>
From: Simon J Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/1994 00:07:43

if/when my system (zen) gets to talk to the world again, there are a
few messages queued.  The 30 second summary is:

I've installed 1.0 (well the Oct24 binaries) on zen and its great.
Except for one (2 actually) problem.

I have a binary only comms package (MHSnet) which was compiled for a 0.9
vintage BSDi system.  This is the transport for all my mail/news and 
works fine on 0.9a (Feb12).  Under 1.0 I get a semi useful error:

system error -- Could not lock "/var/spool/MHSnet/_state/lock": invalid argument

The file gets created ok, so I'm guessing that it is an flock() or fcntl()
problem.  The kernel I built yesterday didn't have KTRACE enabled and
there is no symbol info in the binary so I'm a bit short of further info
just now.  A new kernel with KTRACE is compiling now... (src from 
Nov07 tar_files).

Ok.  I figured I'd revert back to uucp which was also working fine on the
old system.  Running "cu -x chat" shows everything going smoothly until
the CONNECT string is matched and then we get a "caught hangup" message.
I'm dialed into my feed site now using kermit so the modems and ports work 
fine.  I have the "local" flag set in /etc/ttys for both modem ports and
I've checked that I can dial in/out ok.

I'm sure that with time I can sus the uucp problem, but suggestions would 
be helpful.

The only other hassle is that nnmaster appears to being doing some set*uid()
stuff that no longer works.

Apart from that (and the Oct24 generic kernel panicing when lpd tried to
print to an off-line (I think) printer on lpt0) all is well.