Subject: random installation notes
To: None <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/07/1994 18:53:32
Having just installed a couple of machines...

1) Either the Extract utility/function is rather broken or, rather,
   that the documentation on how to load in installation files is
   somewhat broken. Extract assumes that /usr/distrib includes the
   things to extract directly, and not in a subdirectory. This is
   probably fine for the floppy install directions. However, the
   "how to make a tape" instructions say...

                cd .../NetBSD-1.0               # the top of the tree
                cd i386/binary
                tar cf <tape_device> base10 etc10

   which means that given the Load_tape utility you will wind up with
   the files in subdirectories. (floppy installs won't have this
   problem) The NFS installation instructions are similarly ambiguous.

2) Following an Extract, when you reboot you inevitably end up with
   fsck crud on the machine. I'm worried that there is a bug in unlink
   being tickled by the --unlink option to tar or some such.

3) The YP manpage lies -- it says that /etc/netstart starts yp -- rc
   starts it. (minor nit.) There is no code in rc to set the yp domain
   name if you are using yp. (major nit.)