Subject: Re: Install failure
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/05/1994 08:07:21
> > on this system (  In fact, if I boot this
> > kernel on floppy (using the install filesystem floppy), pretty much
> > everything runs fine.  I can fsck and mount the SCSI partitions.
> Hi,
> at the moment I try to install 1.0 on an Asus PCI/I-486-SP3. I have similar
> symptoms. I can boot the aha kernel from floppy and everything works fine.
> As soon as I boot the kernel from the harddisk (connected to the ncr 53810)
> it will crash after the "changing root device to sd0a" message. Is there
> anything obvious I could have done wrong?

I hate to even suggest it, but it sounds like the standard disk geometry
problem.  There is a lot of stuff in the FAQ about disk geometry.  Some
of it may apply to your problem.

If you can boot up with the floppy, try running pfdisk to see what the
controller thinks the drive looks like when the drive resets.  It might
be different then you installed with.  If this is true, then all kinds
of wonderful (another word for weird) things could be happening...