Subject: Re: Install failure
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/04/1994 15:17:06
> on this system (  In fact, if I boot this
> kernel on floppy (using the install filesystem floppy), pretty much
> everything runs fine.  I can fsck and mount the SCSI partitions.
at the moment I try to install 1.0 on an Asus PCI/I-486-SP3. I have similar
symptoms. I can boot the aha kernel from floppy and everything works fine.
As soon as I boot the kernel from the harddisk (connected to the ncr 53810)
it will crash after the "changing root device to sd0a" message. Is there
anything obvious I could have done wrong?
BTW, I have to disable "CPU to DRAM write buffer", "CPU to PCI write buffer"
and "CPU to PCI burst write" in the bios to get the install working. If I
enable any of this features, I'll get random reboots (no panics) and corrupted
harddisk filesystems when running install.

	Thank's alot - Matthias ( using his university account)