Subject: Disk tuning and bad sectors
To: None <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/04/1994 08:03:29
Dear NetBSDers,
   A while back I remember someone talking about the min % free for 1GB 
drives.  What is a reasonable minimum  % for these larger drives?  This
will be on a drive which is primarily used for source and occationaly
making source.

   Another items is that we have a lab of 12 NetBSD machines Gateway 2000
486 DX-2/66 with western digital controllers.  Two of the IDE disks are 
reporting a number of errors.  The disks are 240MB in size with 40MB 
partition for DOS.
   Booting one of these in single user I can use dd to read the entire /usr
partition, however it seems that areas which are required for logging in
are bad - ie cannot login on the console or remote login.  I can use fsck
to clear any problems after a crash and running it a second time reports no
errors both on the / and /usr partitions.
   Attempting to dd in single users the / partition complains that it is 
   What recommendations on "fixing" these disk problems?