Subject: Re: NeXT?
To: None <>
From: Theodore F. Vaida ][ <tfv0@Lehigh.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/1994 22:48:02
In message <> Dave McGuire writes:
>   But in the opinion of many, there are a lot of things in the BSD
> side of NeXTStep that are broken, and the underlying MACH is slow as

Almost everything onthe BSD side is borken, the real problem with the NeXT 
system is that it insists on using the NetInfo system which runs a pseudo inetd 
anmed etc. which are NOT compatible with regular networks.  I dont know how to 
configure it to link with our system (can only use ip numbers ugh) and so its 
hardly uasable to offload services from out busy main server.  Fancy xterminal 
server is all it seems to serve.

Please do lets get a NeXT group together.  I'd be more than willing to donate a 
few nights of coding etc.  if anyone has hardware docs and things that need 
done.  Anyone at wanna setup a NeXT group so that the 386 people dont
have to listen to us *grin*.


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