Subject: Re: rm
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1994 20:09:19
On Oct 31,  2:05pm, Greg A. Woods wrote:
} Subject: Re: rm
} [ On Sun, October 30, 1994 at 18:46:12 (-0800), John Nemeth wrote: ]
} >
} > themselves.  When I program on a BSD system, I expect it to behave in
} > a certain way, this includes haveing things like setre[ug]id doing
} > something useful.  I know this isn't an overly popular opinion, but
} > every time I make a post like this, I do get mail from people agreeing
} > with me, so I can't be totally out to lunch.
} Just remember that when you're programming on a NetBSD-1.0 system, you
} are *not* programming on what is traditionally known of as a "BSD"
} system.  The 4.4Lite based systems are more POSIX compliant than
} anything else (from the API p.o.v. anyway).

     Yes, but there is something to be said for backwards compatibility.
Just because somebody, says "break this" doesn't mean you have to listen
to them unless they have an extremely good reason.  I realise there are
good reasons for certain things (i.e. 64 bit file offsets) which break
many programs, but a number of things seem to have been pretty

}-- End of excerpt from Greg A. Woods