Subject: Diskless Support
To: None <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/31/1994 13:31:44
I finally got a diskless system running. Diskless systems
might be a little bit exotic, so I don't complain about the
installation scripts, which handle only standard harddisk

Here are the problems I encountered:
1. How to make a new boot floppy? After booting a kc*-floppy,
one can mount the binaries and system sources on the
fileserver and compile a diskless kernel. But how to put it onto
a boot floppy, if the drive is occupied by the install root?
I finally managed it using the second (5") drive for a
temporary filesystem. A boot kernel with vn-support
would be more convenient (or, better, a diskless boot floppy).
2. My fileserver (DEC ULTRIX) insists in UNIX-RPC-authentication
for NFS-mounts. I hacked it into the krpc code (anybody
interested? ... mail!).
3. I had to reorder /etc/rc. This is no real problem, but why not
use a shell variable (eg "DISKLESS") for conditional actions
(the way ULTRIX does)?

Is anybody still improving the diskless support? How about
bootp instead of rarp/bootparam?
Is there a DOS program for loading and starting a NetBSD

Matthias Drochner