Subject: australian netbsd mirror now available...
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/31/1994 10:07:15
Greetings all...
    until 2 months ago, I worked for the Department of Computer
Science, RMIT University and maintained an FTP mirror of NetBSD-0.9
& -current binaries, and also had a SUP mirror available.
Since I've moved onto a new job, the service has been stopped.

    Well, between myself and David Burren <davidb@sun-lamp> (who
wrote FreeSec amongst other things), we've scrounged up enough parts
to dedicate a machine at RMIT to be the Australian NetBSD FTP and
SUP mirror.  The machine is ready to go as an anonymous FTP machine.
I'm still testing SUP, but I suspect that it should be OK; I'll just
have to start up supfileserv...

    The site has been setup for Australian NetBSD-ers. Given the fact
that the Aussie link to the 'net goes via the USA, it would be
appreciated if people in other countries use closer mirror :) And, of
course, due to export restrictions with Australia (yes, the laws here
appear to be as restrictive as those in the US), non-Australian ftp
users shouldn't grab any crypto stuff if they do use the site...


PS: Telecom NetBSD-ers behind the gateway at TANSU should send me email
to find out details of an internal mirror to save multiple fetches
from melanoma...

		Details on the mirror:

		(CNAME for:

Services:	- Anonymous FTP (/pub/NetBSD)
		- Anonymous SUP (details in
		  The releases/packages are similar to what sun-lamp
		  offers, except I don't have a `mirror' release, only
		  a `current' release.

Packages:	- NetBSD-current sources
		- NetBSD-1.0 binaries and sources
		- FreeSec-1.1 source (and possibly a drop-in binary kit
		  for NetBSD 1.0, replacing init,login,passwd,,

- FreeSec is controlled by Australian export restrictions similar to the
  US ones. I.e., people outside Australia should not retreive it.

- The -current source tree has FreeSec in src/lib/libcrypt instead,
  so people in Australia can sup allsrc and get a working crypt

Luke Mewburn                              UNIX Systems Support,
<>              CPR Technical Support,
Phone: +61 3 634 2112                   ITG, Telecom Australia.