Subject: Re: gcc-ansi -pedantic and long long on NetBSD
To: None <>
From: T. William Wells <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/1994 20:41:38
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Chris G. Demetriou <> wrote:
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: > 1. Fix gcc so the -pedantic doesn't choke on long long anymore (I
: >    suppose that some ANSI version of C will support 64bit ints)
: This is probably the solution.  it's unclear that ANSI will support
: 64bit ints in any reasonable fashion, though.

This is wrong. -ansi -pedantic is supposed to complain on
anything that isn't strict ANSI, and this isn't.

: > 2. Fix the NetBSD headers so that they only use strict ansi types when
: >    -pedantic is used
: that's not at all practical; 64-bit ints are fundamental to some of
: the prototypes, etc., in the system.  if the prototypes aren't there,
: you'll lose.

However, there is a solution to this. Instead of using long long
in the prototypes, Gnu C should define a __quad__ type and use
that instead.