Subject: Re: sup service to NetBSD-1.0
To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/28/1994 19:34:41

this is an attempt to give a decent although non-authoritative
answer to your questions.  Note that I am not a member of the core
team, only an interested observer who have been following this group
for a while.

> 	I notice, by reading in the comp.386bsd.announce group, that
> there is not an announcement saying that 1.0 has even been
> released yet.  What is all this talk of 1.0+ when 1.0 isn't even
> out the door yet?

The 1.0 release tree which is the tree currently available for SUP
has been branched off the main development tree for NetBSD.  This is
so that changes can be brought into the release tree in a bit more
carefully controlled manner, while still permitting other work to
the main development branch.  The last thing you want to do when
preparing a release is to incorporate some major changes to the
system, and from the looks of it (I subscribe to source-changes and
I've heard a few warnings mentioned here), there are a few major
changes coming along after 1.0 has been released.

> I realize that there are changes that need to happen and tat some
> of those changes will happen after the 1.0 ship date, whatever
> that is, but why are people worried about the 1.0+ sup and ftp
> trees when 1.0 is still in the bag?

Since 1.0 is being brought up to "release quality", many people want
to keep a full copy of that distribution with a clear label marked
with "NetBSD Release 1.0. Official version. Do not tamper with."
The worry is that they inadvertently would have their source trees
overwritten with the 1.0+ changes.

As Chris said, there will be given a fair warning before the source
distribution available via SUP will be switched from the 1.0 release
branch back to the main development branch.

> Is there some announcement I missed?  Has a final release date
> been agreed to?

Not that I know of.

> I assume that since the install and docs are mostly written, that
> the release is "real close now", but does this mean that there is
> now a firm date?  Like, say, Thanksgiving, (November 24, for the
> non-us folks, :))

Your guess is really as good as mine.  My guess is that it will
happen before mid-november.

> I'm sure that Chris will announce the 1.0 release before he
> announces the one-week warning to sup now or be forever current.

Yes, I don't see how you can read Crhis' letter any other way. :-)

> Can anyone on the core, Chris, Charles, etc. confirm or deny this
> plan of attack?  -thanks -Brian

Oh, they have probably better things to do.

- Havard