Subject: Re: arptnew failed on 805f2b2b ???
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: John E. Clark <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/27/1994 19:48:58
At  9:19 PM 10/26/94 -0400, Andrew Gillham wrote:
>I get this message quite frequently also...  but.. I don't understand
>the following code fragment at all..  (yeah, I'm an idiot.. :-) )
>> and found the file of interest.
>> from 'netinet/if_ether.c'
>> .....
>>      if ((rt->rt_flags & RTF_GATEWAY) || (rt->rt_flags & RTF_LLINFO) == 0 ||
>>          rt->rt_gateway->sa_family != AF_LINK) {
>>              if (create)
>>                      log(LOG_DEBUG, "arptnew failed on %x\n", ntohl(addr));
>>              return (0);
>>      }
>> .....
>Grok?  I don't have GATEWAY or LLC options in my kernel if that says

The RTF_GATEWAY will be set if one gets a ICMP redirect from somewhere.

The RTF_LLINFO is not related to LLC of 802.2, but has to do with routing table
setup, and should be there for a config'ed interface, as should

Unfortunately, I'm not able on my Mac II to get the 'latest' netbsd10 up for
long enough time to even untar the kernel source to start instrumenting the
kernel net stuff.

I compared the BSD 4.3 net code to what is in 4.4, and there are significant
changes to the routing code. The 4.4 looks like it was intended to handle
more than just INET. So, a lot of stuff got more complex, and split out.

So, I'll have to step through this again to understand what's going on.

John Clark