Subject: Re: arptnew failed on 805f2b2b ???
To: jeff schindall <>
From: John E. Clark <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/26/1994 13:41:18
At  9:22 AM 10/26/94 -0700, jeff schindall wrote:
>I'm working on a the ethercard support for the mac port.
>Does anyone have any idea what the following boot flag means:
>   arptnew failed on 805f2b2b

While, it would appear to be a garbage IOCTL call, as in

8000000  Input parameters
of length 5f, with main function group 0x2b,
and sub number of 0x2b.

In reality the arptnew log message is printing out
the IP address of something or another in if_ether.c

>From 'src/sys', I did a
'find . -name \*.h -exec grep arptnew {} \; -print'

and found the file of interest.

from 'netinet/if_ether.c'

        if ((rt->rt_flags & RTF_GATEWAY) || (rt->rt_flags & RTF_LLINFO) == 0 ||
            rt->rt_gateway->sa_family != AF_LINK) {
                if (create)
                        log(LOG_DEBUG, "arptnew failed on %x\n", ntohl(addr));
                return (0);

John Clark