Subject: Re: snmp
To: Ronald Khoo <ronald@cpm.MY>
From: Thomas Pusateri <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/26/1994 10:27:00
In message <> you write:
>In your message dated Oct 25, you write:
>> I was wondering wat the current status of 'snmp' for netbsd or  freebsd.
>> I know of both the MIT and CMU code but it seems out of date and incomplete.
>More appropriately, the mit and cmu code doesn't know how to cope with the
>new kernel interfaces (e.g. sysctl() dumping of route tables) -- necessary
>because the old kernel routing table stuff doesn't exist anymore.
>It's actually quite easy to disable the route and arp table code in the
>CMU snmpd so that it actually compiles and runs, but leaves you with a
>rather crippled snmp implementation :-)
The isode 8.0 release has support for 4.4bsd. It should compile on
netbsd almost without change. It gives a good snmpd and good mib tools.
The only problem is that you get a ton of other stuff with it (OSI) and the
code is almost impossible to understand.

I will be compiling it soon for gated support so I'll keep anyone posted
who's interested.