Subject: Re: 8 bit clean utilities (was: national language support)
To: J.T. Conklin <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/25/1994 08:58:05
> Point well taken.  Unfortunately, those of us who operate within a 7 bit
> world are oftentimes completely unaware of utilities that are not 8 bit
> clean.  These problems must be reported if they are ever going to be
> fixed. 

But we should wait for a "real" setlocale before we start reporting that.
Most problems are caused by the ctype-functions/macros returning wrong
values for 8bit chars. This will change as soon as setlocale("")
works as it should.

Having all utilities talk your local language is probably not what you
want. There is a famous bug in the german translation of IBM's AIX 
sendmail, which causes it to violate RFC 821 (a line wrapped).
And there are scripts that depend on the output of tools.

Having strerror() and friends talk your language is a good thing,
for applications its a MUST. With system utilities it gives you mixed
native/english, which is not realy pretty, but probably far better than
utilites talking completely native. All commercial UNIX's I have used
in a german installation were far harder to use than the english 
installation, a broken translation beeing the main problem. Maybe
we will get used to it...

Hoping to be on the post-1.0 branch soon...


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