Subject: Getting current with current
To: None <>
From: Thomas J. Trebisky <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/24/1994 12:08:02

A few weeks ago I got -current (as of sometime in September), by using the
0.9 install disks, and screwing around quite a bit.  Now I want to get
the latest version of -current (perhaps from sun-lamp), including the
sources, and then get SUP going and become a "real" Beta test site of
the i386 port, version 1.0.

My primary question is whether the filesystem has changed in any way 
that I should worry about.  The mkfs run during install was the 0.9
version, and obviously this works with -current, but are there any subtle
differences to worry about??  I really don't want to go thru a full
reinstall unless I really have to.  Is there anything else I should
concern myself in getting in synch with the current release?

	Tom Trebisky			Steward Observatory	University of Arizona
	(602) 621-5135			Tucson, Arizona 85721