Subject: Re: Complaints about things not building...
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/23/1994 23:56:47
> Okay, so maybe I was in a bad mood about something else already before I
> wrote that.  Apologies to the development staff.

(actually, i think the quasi-flame you sent before was just to me, as
the 'owner' of the current-users mailing list, but 'whatever'.)

> Your point is well taken; my bug reports aren't always useful.  I am using
> what I believe to be current source; Oct 15th of all of the source in
> tar-files/src.  During a build of libc, using the standard gcc-2.4.5, I
> get an error about 'structure has no member dd_rewind' in one of the
> filesystems, I believe.

This was a bug in the sources for a short period of time, and was
fixed soon afterwards.  your sources are not current enough.  (Though
i'd have thought that 10/15 was current enough, but whatever).

> The more recent one was an attempt to build uucp-1.05 (the same uucp, one
> version later.)  It apparently expects a member f_fsize to be in a struct
> statfs; I replaced the reference with f_bsize, and that seems to work, but
> the man page and the header don't agree.

there's a port of taylor uucp 1.05 someplace, i think maybe on, or some such host...  perhaps one of the oregon state
folks knows?