Subject: DAT DDS2 drives
To: None <>
From: David Pletcher <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/22/1994 22:08:30
I'll soon be receiving a new DAT DDS2DC drive, apparently made by
Connor, which I'm planning to use with my i386 NetBSD 0.9 system.
A few days ago I borrowed a similar drive, a WANGDat 3400, from a
friend at work but it didn't work with my system.  The SCSI probe
recognized the drive correctly but I got errors when I tried to
read or write from any of the *st0 devices:
% cat /dev/st0
st0: block wrong state (worm) block 2048
cat: /dev/st0 Input/output error

Has support for DDS2/DC drives been added in since NetBSD 0.9,
and if not, does anyone know what obstacles I'd face in updating
scsi_tape.h and st.c to deal with this drive?

Replies by email would be much appreciated.
David Pletcher