Subject: Re: ummm....where are the bug reports for the i386 install stuff?
To: None <,>
From: Max Bell <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/22/1994 15:05:05
I just did one from the pre-single-floppy installation kit with only three
problems.  (1) I forgot to re-pfdisk the HD after using fips11.  (2) I got
lots of non-fatal seek() and read() errors from the floppy drives.  I think
this was due to having CLK/6 in the CMOS settings.  They decreased when I
went down to CLK/4.5.  I have since reduced to CLK/3 but haven't tested to
see if it's fully fixed yet.  (3) I have configured a remote(5) entry for
/dev/tty01 (assumed to be COM2 which I _know_ has a working modem on it --
I'm using it to send this from DOS under Kermit) and have changed the
permissions on /dev/tty01 to 666 but tip says "link down" when I try to
access it.  Overall, everything went well and I would like to say a big
*THANK YOU* to the authors of NetBSD, BSD, FIPS, PFDISK, and OS-BS for making
it possible for me to have a fully functional BSD system at home!  It is a
dream come true!


PS: Can anyone tell me more about the fd{n} devices?  I couldn't find a man
page for them.

PPS: BSD Forever, NT Never!