Subject: Re: MSDOS FS question [FAQ]
To: John F. Woods <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/1994 15:25:05
> > I'm getting the ubiquitous "Device not configured" message even though I
> > put MSDOS in the fstype field of the disklabel.  What is the Right Thing
> > to do?
> "MS-DOS".  Which I discovered by typing "strings disklabel".  It would be
> nice if disklabel issued an error message when it doesn't recognize the
> fstype.

Right.  I found it the same way.  A search through one of the '.h' files
in the disklabel directory confirmed it.

> Since I was recently complaining about disklabel, I uncovered some things
> that others might want to have handy:  Though I couldn't find it
> documented anywhere, disklabel (on the 386) assumes that partition 'd'
> is the entire raw disk, and partition 'c' is the entire NetBSD portion
> (with respect to the MS-DOS partitioning info).  Note that the
> documentation claims that partition 'c' is what disklabel assumes for
> the entire raw disk.  Presumably the installation process sets all this
> up by magic, but my recent adventure came from exchanging the identities
> of my SCSI ID#0 and ID#1 drives, and previously the ID#1 drive was not
> partitioned by DOS...

Wait a minute.

I wrote this up EXTENSIVELY in the FAQ.  I think that it is in a section
called (not my title) "Disk labelling for the compleat idiot" or some
other similarly insulting vindictive.

I am certain that it is written up at least twice in the FAQ.

Drive C is the entire BSD partition.  Drive D is the entire drive.  I
think someone referred to it as an 'agregious hack' by William Jolitz to
get MS-DOS and 386bsd to reside together in peace.  

Why he didn't just use the DOS disklabel for additional partition
information is quite beyond me.