Subject: Re: Install; 2 floppy drives
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/1994 20:15:23
Ken Hornstein writes:
> Isn't this moot now, since there were some recent CVS commits by Adam Glass
> that said "install on 1 floppy now"? :-)

> --Ken

Ahh, great :-) I had not seen those (I'm not subscribed to source-changes),
but that's good news.

Still, it is interesting to have this discussion, since the installation
procedure could use some improvement (see the comment at the beginning
of the install script ;)). Like automatically retrieving the specs of the
harddisk, including (i386) the partition table, so it can detect any
DOS or other partitions, doing Configure, load_fd, etc all from one
nice-looking program, etc.

But.. if this all works (I have no reason assuming it won't), I can face
my friends again now ;-)

- Frank