Subject: to latest beta w/o floppies?
To: None <>
From: Mark F Willey <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/1994 11:26:54

I'm trying to test the new beta, but can't get it *untarred* onto my

What I've got is an Aug-beta system with one disk with all the binaries
(4.3bsd ffs) and the second drive as clear, but holding X11R6 (4.4bsd fs).
I have it mounted like:

wd0a - (usr) wd0e
    \- (oroot) wd1a - (/oroot/usr) wd1e

I then got the beta distribution on wd1e and cd'd to /oroot.  Then, I
"cat usr/dist/base10/* | gunzip | tar-xvf -".  It gets done with about 20
or so files and then "panic, lost clusters - Syncing Disks - 3 3 3 ..."
or something like that...  Then, it reboots.  :(  Do I need to use a *new*
fsck to upgrade this disk first?  I tried doing a "fsck -c 2" with August's
fsck.  I have only one floppy, so I can't use the install floppies.