Subject: Install; 2 floppy drives
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/1994 23:46:25
It's a pity that the current installation for i386 requires one to
have 2 floppy drives. It doesn't bother me, or perhaps most people on this
list, because they'll know how to work around it anyway.

However, I think NetBSD/i386 (not sure about installation procedures
for other archs) will loose some potential users this way.. I can see
it now: someone compares a Linux installation and a NetBSD installation,
and the choice is pretty much made. Yeah, we know that the installation
is not what really counts, but if you're someone who is trying
to spread the NetBSD word in an environment full of DOS and Linux users,
it's hard to defend. Prepare to be laughed at :-( The amount of
machines out there with one floppy drive is pretty large.

Anyway. "So fix it", I hear you say. I'd like to do that, but the
main problem is that I don't have a spare machine to mess up trying
out installations :( The current install script could probably be
extended (in a not-so-beautiful way) to handle single-floppy systems.
I think I'll take my 386 at work out of the net, and get an installation
for one floppy drive going next weekend, so that I can at least go and
install NetBSD 1.0 for some friends, who I (barely) managed to convince
to start using NetBSD. Too bad I can't use that machine more permanently
for this kind of thing.

A better solution is needed. Is someone working on a better
installation procedure? I remember that there was a tech-install
mailing list (or something like that) but it seems to be pretty dead?

Wanting to look all the other fancy-installation-OS-users straight in the eye,

- Frank

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