Subject: Re: MSDOS FS question [FAQ]
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/1994 13:22:12
>Since I was recently complaining about disklabel, I uncovered some things
>that others might want to have handy:  Though I couldn't find it
>documented anywhere, disklabel (on the 386) assumes that partition 'd'
>is the entire raw disk, and partition 'c' is the entire NetBSD portion
>(with respect to the MS-DOS partitioning info).  Note that the
>documentation claims that partition 'c' is what disklabel assumes for
>the entire raw disk.  Presumably the installation process sets all this
>up by magic, but my recent adventure came from exchanging the identities
>of my SCSI ID#0 and ID#1 drives, and previously the ID#1 drive was not
>partitioned by DOS...

I realize this hasn't been documented anywhere, it's been this way as long as I
can remember (wasn't it like this back in the old 386bsd days?)

>> And, does mount_msdos support the most recent type of MS-DOS fs...
>> the large one, or whatever it is called (>32MB)?
>> The manpage still says:
>>      The msdos filesystem is not known to work reliably with filesystems cre
>>      ated by versions of MS-DOS later than version 3.3.
>I have been able to mount and read my 120MB DOS partition, but I guess
>I'm glad I haven't tried to write it yet...  :-)

Well, I've got a 200Mb partition, and so far no problems reading or writing :-)