Subject: Re: port-i386/518: kernel panics on bootup as a result of recent disklabel changes
To: Andrew Herbert <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/1994 10:13:12
> >> cgd's recent disklabel modifications have resulted in kernels for my
> >> i386-arch + scsi machines crashing during ffs_mountroot().  More precisely,
> >> they die in sdminphys() <- sdstrategy() <- readdisklabel() <-
> >> sdgetdisklabel() <- sdopen() <- ... <- ffs_mountroot().
> >Did you do a "make clean", as Charles Hannum suggested to the
> >current-users and ports-i386 lists some time ago?
> Yep, sure did!

Hmm.  This sounds interesting.  Yesterday, Chunk Kane came up to my place
so we could "clone" my system (sup'd last wednesday) onto his disk.  

After we were done, we detached my drive from the SCSI chain, and booted 
his drive in my machine.  It worked fine.  Then we moved his drive back 
to his machine, and it hung just after the kernel printed "changing root
device to /dev/sd0a".

Unfortunately, we were not able to figure out a solution, and he went 
home with a non-working NetBSD 1.0 beta box.

If it helps in the diagnosis, my machine is a 50MHz i486DX EISA box with 
an Adaptec 1742, and his is a 40MHz AMD 386 with an Ultrastor