Subject: Re: MSDOS FS question [FAQ]
To: VaX#n8 <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/1994 08:29:27
	The trick is that the name "ms-dos" must be in the disklabel rather
than msdos.  

Don't know the answer to your second question.  I thought cat worked. :)

On Oct 17,  4:30am, VaX#n8 wrote:
} Subject: MSDOS FS question [FAQ]
} I'm sure this has been answered before, but I figured it is easier to ask
} than to FTP all the current-users archive at 14.4kbps :)
} It might be a Good Thing to have Dave Burgess add to the FAQ
} (which hasn't been updated in a while)
} I'm getting the ubiquitous "Device not configured" message even though I
} put MSDOS in the fstype field of the disklabel.  What is the Right Thing
} to do?
} A simple line from someone's disktab would probably do.  Thanks.
} And, does mount_msdos support the most recent type of MS-DOS fs...
} the large one, or whatever it is called (>32MB)?
} The manpage still says:
}      The msdos filesystem is not known to work reliably with filesystems cre-
}      ated by versions of MS-DOS later than version 3.3.
} Just wondering what the consensus on it was.
} Finally, one (more) quick question: How do you use /dev/audio?
} sndtool or something?  cat'ing directly doesn't cut it :)
} Sorry about all the questions, but I'm really just a userland programmer
} disguised as a sysadmin-type :-/
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