Subject: problems with su
To: None <>
From: Bartholomew Niswonger <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/16/1994 15:43:49
Hello.. this is may be just a lack of sys admin knowledge on my part
(probably) but ever since I started using NetBSD (on an amiga 4000/40)
about a month ago, I have hd to login in s root to have root access..
I have another user setup with uid whtever (i think 10, or else 100)
and group wheel (or 0).  As I recall, wheel is the group for ll those
users who can su to root.  When I say groups bart (the username) it
says wheel, but when I say su  it responds, su: You are not in the
correct group to su to root.  So am I wrong about wheel?  This has not
really bothered me too much so far, but it should be fixed I decided

thanks for pointing me the way.. and for the extremely nice job on
NetBSD in general.. The only crashes I hve had in the month have been
due to X running out of mem when I was playing with it (those are
nasty :).. 

btw.. its kernal GENERIC #0



bart niswonger