Subject: Re: 1.0A Repeated "panic: ffs_alloccg" Any ideas?
To: None <>
From: Mark Delany <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/15/1994 16:11:47
> writes:

>>Are you running pine on that machine, perhaps?  A couple of other people
>>have mentioned problems related to using pine.  Last time I looked,
>>there was at least one ftruncate() call with an incorrect type for the

>Yes, pine 3.90 is often hanging around at or about the time of the

It is early days yet, but the tentative result is that pine is the
culprit possibly due to ftruncate() as you suggest. Perhaps that fix
you alluded to was compromised with the integration of the 4.4

Note that it seems to be in combination with something else as I can
run the same pine executable on another system here with the same sup
date kernel without exhibiting the same panics. (bryan collins) was talking about similar
panics. Bryan, if you're still out there, is pine relevant to your

I can get by without pine and I don't have the knowledge to track down
the problem in the sources myself. But since I can easily reproduce
the panics on my system, I'm willing to work under instructions to
help someone else isolate the problem if that's viewed as useful.