Subject: TexInfo3.1
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/12/1994 22:46:00
I've found two problems getting texinfo-3.1 to work with NetBSD:
1.  read(file, buffer, fileinfo.st_size) doesn't work - 1k blocks are fine,

2.  malloc returns the same pointers, overlapping pointers, et al...
In particular, I managed to add debugging statements to the xmalloc, xrealloc
functions, and I put in #define free xfree, and added an xfree() which prints
what it's called on ... here's what I found:
A pointer is allocated - call it filename.  It's allocated as 0x1c000.
Another pointer is allocated, allegedly a pointer to 9978 bytes.  It is
returned as 0x1a200 (or so).  This clearly indicates that the legit range
for the 1a200 pointer will wipe over the 1c000 pointer.  This causes
problems.  Similar problems occur later, that's just the first and most
obvious one.  The later ones, I can't trace back the stack on.  (My temporary
solution was to just make a duplicate copy of the string and use my
duplicate, which happened to end up at around 1e000.)

Has anyone gotten this to run?

These problems occur using either gcc-2.6.0 or gcc-2.4.5.  The program used
to use alloca, but I replaced it with a malloc() and free() pair.  This is
a big problem for me; I need texinfo to write my C reference manual for the
FSF. :)