Subject: brk() and sbrk() return-types and protos
To: None <>
From: G C Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/06/1994 03:24:01
I asked this about several months back. Can someone please fix the
declarations of brk() and sbrk() in unistd.h - it'll affect < 20 sources.
Currently declared as
  char    *brk __P((const char *));
  char    *sbrk __P((int));

brk is plainly wrong since it returns an int (of 0 or -1 for every system).
A replacement could be
  int     brk __P((const caddr_t));
  caddr_t sbrk __P((int));
or my preference
  int     brk __P((void *));
  void   *sbrk __P((int));

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