Subject: Ultrastore 14f
To: None <>
From: Chuck Kane <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/04/1994 02:18:25
I am having a problem with my ultrastore 14f SCSI controller.

It seems to work fine under NetBSD-0.9 (GENERICAHA of Wed Aug 25),
NetBSD-current (a custom-order kernel made by mlv for me on Sat Mar 26),
and a version of linux that I have laying around.

The FreeBSD 1.0.2 (GENERICBT of Sunday Nov 14) install gets as far as
"changing root device to fd0a" and then it says "ISA strayintr 7" 
and hangs hard.

My problem is with the boot-floppies available on
in /BSD/NetBSD/misc/1.0-Beta.  I know this distribution isn't supported,
but if the problem is easily fixed, this seems to be the only way I'm 
able to get NetBSD-1.0-<greek-letter>.  The boot sequence contains:

  uha0 at isa0 port 0x330-0x33f irq 11 drq 5
  scsibus2 at uha0
  uha0 targ 0 lun 0: <QUANTUM EMPIRE_1080S   1202> SCSI2 direct fixed
  sd0 at scsibus2: 1029MB, 2874 cyl, 8 head, 91 sec, 512 bytes/sec

When the install-floppy gets to the point where it tries to talk to the
scsi disk, it says:

  Upgrading the file system on sd0a...
  [long pause; the floppy light comes on for a bit; short pause]
  sd0(uha0:0:0): timed outuha0: uha_abort, board not responding
  [brief pause; the scsi-disk access light comes on and stays on]
  uha0: uha_send_mbox, board not responding
  sd0(uha0:0:0): timed outuah0: uha_abort, board not responding

The system is a 386DX/40 with 16M ram, generic VGA card, ultrastore
14f controller with a 1.2G drive at address 0, and a 200M drive at 
address 1.  

Thanks to anyone for any information...

-- Chuck