Subject: Re: Rmail queues everything?
To: Hannes Deeken <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/29/1994 14:10:21
> If rmail would call sendmail without specifying a delivery mode, you'd
> have several parallel sendmail processes delivering mail after a normal UUCP
> connection (due to the store-and-forward nature of UUCP). Delivering
> queue-only reduces the system load, since only one sendmail process
> (the daemon) handles the mail.

Sendmail is very expensive. I used to use (and do it on most boxes still)
Smail-3.1.28 and now turned to a real native NetBSD 1.0_Beta on this
system for the first time. I don't notice any exspacialy high load after
uucp calls on the smail systems, but I get my mail instantly (Smail works
in foreground for local deliveries and may go to background mode if configured
for SMTP or other transports).

While I personaly prefer the non-queued rmail operation I see this become
holy war. What I realy would like is a way to keep Sendmail from beeing
build at all! While it probably is the most frequently used MTA it's not
the only choice and I think doesn't belong into a base system. I don't
mind getting it for free (otherwise I never would have realy tried it),
but it prevents me from installing another MTA and keeping current.

A simple environment variable NO_SENDMAIL (ala NO_MAN) would be great!


P.S.: Or somebody could point me to sendmail m4 macro packages to handle
      (a) compressed batched smtp and (b) alternating DNS/smart-host routing
      depending on the state of a PPP link; I might give up smail then ;-}

"If you lie to your compiler, it will get its revenge."    -- Henry Spencer