Subject: NetBSD diffs for swIPe "floppy" release
To: None <>
From: John Kohl <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/1994 19:58:51
see (gzipped tar file)

README file for swIPe diffs for NetBSD-1.0_BETA.

Porting work by John Kohl <>, on i386 box.  YMMV if
you use another NetBSD platform (but please report results!).

(a) You need a modified version of the modload program.  The one in the
official sources doesn't call a post-load program.  See modload-diffs,
and apply them to /usr/src/sys/sbin/modload/*

(b) You need the diffs for swIPe itself.  These are based on the
"floppy" version of swIPe (that came on the "swIPe this disk!" disks
from USENIX Summer '94 (Boston).

(c) There is a problem with large TCP transfers--somewhere the TCP
receiver is screwing up.  When packets are corrupted, sometimes this
corruption seeps up to the program which is reading from TCP.  For
example, an FTP'ed file can be garbage.  I ran into these problems
running swIPe over a PPP link with a 14.4k modem.  I have some hints on
what may be wrong inside TCP, and I'll investigate.

To build the NetBSD version of swIPe:
(1) make sure you have "options LKM" in your kernel--swIPe is a loaded
kernel module, and needs the loadable kernel module support.

(2) type 'make -f Makefile.netbsd' in the modload subdirectory

(3) run make in the user subdirectory

(4) read the directions in doc/README.  For the 'route' commands, use
this syntax instead:
	route add -host

Let me know if you have any problems, of course!

==John Kohl