Subject: Re: Help requested with Partitioning for new install
To: Rob Windsor <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/1994 14:43:10
>I'm fixing to do a fresh install of NetBSD-current from the 'unofficial'
>Beta installation disks, and I was wanting some input on what to designate
>as sizes for some various partitions...
>---===*** Number 1 ***===---              ---===*** Number 2 ***===---
>/          -  30 cyls (15M)               /          -  30 cyls (15M)
>swap       -  32 cyls (16M)               swap       -  32 cyls (16M)
>/home      - 121 cyls (60M)               /usr/src   - 160 cyls (80M)
>/usr       - 120 cyls (60M)               /usr       -  81 cyls (40M)
>/blah      -  30 cyls (15M)               /blah      -  30 cyls (15M)
>/usr/local - 312 cyls (156M) - ?          /usr/local - 504 cyls (252M)
>/usr/src   - 312 cyls (156M) - ?          /home      - 120 cyls (60M)
>Basically, I'd like to give /usr/local lots of room, and tighten down on
>/usr and /usr/src (By 'tighten down', I mean: figure what's required now
>add ~5% for upgrade expansion).  Which, is why I have #2 above, that's
>my preference (if i can get away with it).  /home doesn't matter that
>much since there are only going to be about two-three active accounts.

Some advice:

Create a separate /var partition; this gives mail and printer spool files
a separate area to work from, and if you do it right you can make /usr
read-only (sometime in the future you may want to have some dataless clients).

Give your setup, I would also configure swap partitions on both drives (16 M
on each, I think 16Mb total swap is too little).

>So, this bottom question is:  How much room is required for /usr/src and

Here are the disk usage reports from my and my wife's system at home, for
everything in /usr:

29682   X386
8871    bin
180     doc
1628    games
238766  home
2761    include
5793    lib
5458    libexec
26125   local
1       lost+found
9       mdec
55697   obj
1999    sbin
16835   share
103357  src
428     sup


/usr/home is all of our home directories, so obviously you won't have that :-)

/usr/src includes a couple of kernel compiles, and there may be some objects
floating around there.

You'll still need another 10Mb for /usr/obj.

This is if you want _everything_ in /usr/src; if you just want to do kernel
compiles, you can get away with a lot less.

>Another question, is there any dox on configuring for SLIP or PPP?  I'm
>going to be doing that as well, but don't remember seeing any pointers
>or whatever on setting that up.  (This area is going to be new to me
>since I have a 14.4k modem this time).

There isn't much in the way for slip, but the pppd man page is pretty nice.