Subject: Re: X11R6 for ftp, NetBSD mirror
To: None <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/1994 15:30:23
Thx, the X11R6 was for the i386. I've moved it to ~ftp/pub/NetBSD/ports/i386.

I've had to move around my sup stuff lately so those of you who are
supping from here please notice the new hostbase "hostbase=/mit/ftp/pub/NetBSD"

I've put a working example in ~ftp/pub/misc/sup/supfile.example

I've added arch/i386 by request (Per Amundsen) but I think I'll change that
to making my own snapshots since it's probably just as fast and it'll then
include a libcrypt. Other arch's on request.
The cost of living hasn't affected it's popularity. (unknown)
current	release=doc \ "NetBSD-current mirror"
hostbase=/mit/ftp/pub/NetBSD base=/usr prefix=/usr backup delete use-rel-suffix